Specialized Services

Cervical Cancer treatment & screening

• Routine & liquid base pap smears
• Colposcopy & biopsies for abnormal pap smears
• In office cryo surgery (freezing treatment)
• In office LEEP/LLETZ for pre-cervical treatment

In office evaluation for abnormal uterine bleeding

• Using transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) for fibroids/polyps
• Hysteroscopy (in-office)
• Endometrial biopsies to assess for endometrial cancer (cancer of the womb)

Additional Special Practice Features

Vaginal Infections (Vaginisitis)-Same visit microscopic examinations to detect
•  Yeast
•  Bacteria
•  Trichomonas
•  Non-specific vaginitis
Accurate diagnosis and treatment
•  No vaginal swab necessary
•  No time delay
Radio Frequency Surgery
•  Minimally invasive office surgery
•  Whole body including face
•  Female/Male Teenagers
•  No suturing
•  Minimal /no scarring
•  Local anesthesia only

Effective for:
•  Males
•  Suspicious Nevi (Melanoun)
•  Skin tags
•  All works including genital (condyloma/HPV)

• Trans abdominal ultrasound (TAS)
• Trans vaginal ultrasound (TVS)

Applicable to all stages/Trimester of pregnancy
Accurate determination of single or multiple (twins) pregnancy
– Identification
– Can detect fetal heart beat by 5 – 6 wks of pregnancy
– Effective in detecting early risk for ectopic pregnancy
– Evaluate Fibroids
– Evaluate ovarian cysts.
– Evaluate ovarian endometriosis (endometrioma)